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Horizontal Balancing Machines

  • High measuring accuracy and efficiency
  • Automatic measuring run
  • Automatic indexing
  • Integral slot counter as option
  • CAB 700 measuring instrument for dynamic balancing
  • Overslung or underslung belt drive optional
  • Ergonomic workplace design for standing or seated operator

Range of application

AB-Comfort balancing machines were developed in close cooperation with manufacturers of electric armatures with the objective of designing a manually operated machine which is not only suited to operation in a production environment, but also efficient, easy to operate and attractively priced.

AB-Comfort, with its unique functions, was tailored to the requirements of electric motor manufacturers for balancing electric armatures. With its horizontal, hard-bearing design the machine is suitable for rotors up to 310 mm in length weighing up to 5 kg.

Various drive and rotor mounting systems are available enabling the machine to be adapted easily to the properties of the rotor to be balanced by the operator. After mounting the rotor, all the operator needs to do is start the automatic measuring sequence. AB-Comfort will then automatically measure the rotor's unbalance, retain the measurement values and index the rotor to the exact position at which unbalance correction has to be performed.

Special features

To optimize the balancing process, AB-Comfort comes equipped with the CAB 700 measuring instrumentation as part of the standard equipment, enabling highly precise balancing results to be achieved with only a few operating steps. To establish a phase and speed reference, the machine can be upgraded with an integral slot counter, providing more accurate measurement results compared to the conventional measurement by means of a photoelectric cell.

In addition the CAB 700 includes a "component correction function", enabling unbalance correction to be performed directly at the pole head or any other suitable balancing location. AB-Comfort is an easy-to-operate, attractively priced and fast solution for balancing electric armatures.
Further information

Илиан Неделчев

+359 888 393 876

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