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Balancing Machines for Turbocharger Core Assemblies

  • Automatic balancing measurement and correction
  • Measurement over the full speed range
  • Automatic correction in two planes
  • Integrated pulsation measurement
  • Vibration analysis for quality test

Range of application

  • Measurement of vibration and pulsation on Turbocharger Core Assemblies
  • Speed control and data acquisition over the complete speed range
  • Calculation of two plane unbalance for vibration reduction over the full speed range


  • Measuring and correction station in one small machine
  • Separate stations for measurement and correction
  • Correction at two planes with separate milling spindles
  • Integrated shaft magnetization
  • Oil lubrication system with parameter control

Sequence of operations

  • Manually or automatic loading
  • DMC scanning
  • Magnetization of shaft for speed and angle detection
  • Transfer into the measurement station with a double gripper system
  • Transfer to the correction station, two plane correction by milling
  • Audit measurement
  • Parallel work on up to 3 parts
Más información
Plano de disposición
1 Measuring/correction 2 Operator control and monitoring system 3 Electrical cabinet 4 Swarf extractor 5 Oil cooling (option) 6 Hydraulic drawer in outside position    (extract R188879101.001)

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