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200 RBTK

Transfer Balancing Machine for Crankshafts (Exchange Transport)

  • Fully automatic operating sequence
  • Integrated exchange transfer
  • Interfacing with production lines
  • NC axis control for transporter and correction
  • Optimized unbalance correction
  • High-speed drill unit with minimum lubrication or coolant lubrication


Multi-station machine with fully automatic operating sequence. Modular machine design provides optimum adaptability to the application. Layout of the machine transverse to the in-feed and outfeed conveyors. All stations of the machine covered by numerically controlled loading gantry delivering crankshafts lengthwise to the machine. One or two transfer carriages, one or two double grippers depending on requirements. Short cycle times through NC-control, minimum mass movement and short travel distances. Microprocessor-controlled measuring equipment for calculation of optimum correction. Software program for component or optimized correction and statistics.
Programmable machine control and diagnostic system with monitor display for shortening the machine downtime is standard (display in German, English, or other official EC languages, other languages on request).

Range of application

Measurement and correction of unbalance of finished-machined crankshafts.
Flexible use in largeseries production, integrated with the production line and with any arbitrary infeed and outfeed conveyors.
Unbalance correction by drilling into the counterweights in one or two correction steps.

Further information
Arrangement plan
1  Replacement transport (loading portal)2  Geometry measuring station3  Measuring, control and correction station4  Feed / outlet "IO parts"5  Outlet "out of tolerance"6  CAB 850 measuring device (operation)7  Switch cabinet8  Coolant Plan view (non-binding example: dimensions of the machine and set-up of the switch cabinets depend on the relevant application)

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