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Static Balancing Machine

  • Without rotation – simple and precise balancing
  • Rotor weight from 200….3.600 kg
  • Determination of unbalance and rotor weight
  • No drive and no safety device required
  • Short measuring times
  • Efficient measuring unit CAB 945; operation by Touch Screen

Range of application

Measuring of static unbalance of disc-shaped rotors, as e.g. grinding wheels, propellers, brake discs, railway wheels, pump impellers.
Calculation of the unbalance correction; applicable for adding or removing masses.
Applicable for pure unbalance measurement, for tasks with unbalance correction in production, intake control and for final balancing. Moreover the rotor weight is determined automatically.

Special characteristics

  • Permanent calibration due to new  measuring principle, i.e. no later adjustments of measuring mimic
  • Low operating- and maintenance cost
  • Low maintenance
  • The machine requires no foundation, simply set it up, fasten three bolts, connect power, and the machine is ready to balance
  • Little space required
  • Various special functions, such as automation, indexing function or integration of lifting table
Más información

Sr. Manfred Kravanja

93 662 92 38
93 662 92 47

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