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Transfer Balancing Machine for Crankshafts

  • Fully automatic sequence of operations
  • Integrated exchange transporter
  • Integration with production lines possible
  • NC axis control for correction
  • Optimized correction
  • High-speed drilling with minimum lubrication or coolant lubrication


Two-station machine with automatic cycle for measurement, correction and checking procedures. Compact machine design, easily integrated into production.
Linking of stations through rotaryexchange transporter.
Welded machine base, station and exchange transport. Microprocessor-controlled measuring equipment for calculating the optimum correction. Software programs for component correction or optimized correction and statistics. Programmable machine control and machine diagnostic system for shortening machine down time are supplied as standard (display in German and English). Manual loading through suitable lifting device or an existing loading system, e.g. a loading gantry supplied by the customer.

Range of application

Measurement and correction of unbalance in machined crankshafts for passenger-vehicle and light commercial-vehicle crankshafts.
Use of the machine in large volume production, integrated into a production line.
Unbalance correction by drilling into the counterweights in one or two correction steps.

Sequence of operations

  • Load crankshaft A into the measuring station by hand or external conveyor device.
  • Unbalance measurement of shaft A in two planes, relative to the outside counterweights. If necessary convert negative unbalance values to other correction planes. Store the values for correction. Index the crankshaft to the home position.
  • Simultaneous correction of a previously measured crankshaft B in the correction station.
  • Pick up and exchange of both crankshafts by the machine transport. Load crankshaft A into correction station. Index to the 1st correction component, clamp, drill the unbalance value in the 1st correction step, index to the 2nd component and drill again.
  • Simultaneously check the residual unbalance of crankshaft B. Remove the balanced crankshaft B from the measuring station by hand or the external conveyor device. Load the new crankshaft C.
  • Pick up and exchange of both crankshafts by the machine transport.
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Piano di distribuzione
1   Operating panel2   Measurement and control station3   Correction station4   Transfer5   Swarf removal6   Switch cabinet

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