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HM 6 - HM 80

Horizontal Balancing Machines

  • Universally applicable through modular design
  • Safe handling through economic design concept
  • Full range of safety equipment for all protection classes
  • Easy change-over to different rotors

Range of application

Universal balancing machines series HM6-HM80 are conceived for precise balancing of both rigid and flexible rotors.

Typical applications are:
  • Blowers and fans for a variety of industries
  • High-speed and low-speed rollers for paper and thin sheet production
  • Electrical short-circuit armatures and generators for the electrical industry
  • Separators / centrifuges for water processing


Due to their modular structure, these machines can be adapted easily to the task in hand. The length of the machine bed is dependent on the length of the rotor, the required height of the bearing pedestals is determined by the rotor diameter. If the rotor is mounted on its own bearing journals, these will be supported by roller carriages. Depending on the requirements imposed by the rotor, sleeve bearings may also be used.

Rotors requiring high torques are driven through variable-speed gearboxes and universal joint shaft. Lightweight rotors with smooth surfaces may be driven with the help of a belt drive system.

Special features

  • With the appropriate machine design and a suitable protection device the machines can also be used for high-speed balancing
  • Bearing force monitoring for automatic shut-down in case of overload
  • Contact-free measurement of concentric running of rollers
  • Graphical display of acceleration curve with 1f and 2f measurement (CAB 920)
  • Wide range of supplementary modules, e.g. for mass correction
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