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Modular Mass Correction System for Universal Balancing Machines

  • Time-savings due to correction in the machine
  • Universal application range through modular design and infinite setup possibilities
  • Simple handling and minimum space requirement
  • Manual basic version or optional semi-automation

A complete range of possibilities

Are you thinking of unbalance correction on a universal balancing machine with a horizontal axis?
Now use the MAK system on new machines or as an upgrade to an existing balancing system.
Used in maintenance, repair and overhaul, in one-off and series production of rotating work-pieces as well as complete assemblies.
MAK permits direct unbalance correction by drilling at suitable locations on the rotor (material removal) or machining holes for attaching correction weights (weight addition).
  • Axial drilling in the end face
  • Radial drilling on the outside radius

Modular design

MAK is constructed in modular fashion with many setup options. It can be combined for optimum adaptability to the most diverse rotor types and machine sizes. Further modules can be added at any time.
Ulteriori informazioni
Piano di distribuzione
BA drilling units, arranged axially BV drilling unit, arranged vertically from above Basic modules 10 Basic unit MAK-BA 11 Operating panel MAK-BA 12 Drill counter-pressure holder BV 13 Operating panel MAK-BV Adapter 20 Wedge module 21 Adapter module 22 Connection module, feed modules 30 Radius slide 31 Drive, manual 32 Drive, motor 33 Feed slide 34 Rotation device Processing units 40 Drill performance, 15 mm 41 Drill performance, 12 mm 42 Drill performance, 18 mm 43 Drill performance, 25 mm Drilling accessories 50 Drill bridge module 51 Drill depth display, analog 52 Drill depth display, digital Portal modules 60 Portal stand 61 Portal support with portal slide and swarf collection channel 62 Drive, manual 63 Drive, motor 64 Retainer, manual 65 Retainer, motor Accessories 70 Swarf extractor

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