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Tooldyne SV

Balancing Machine for Tools and Tool Holders 2

  • Improvement of machined surface quality and dimensional accuracy
  • Reduction of vibration and noise
  • Prevention of costly bearing damage
  • Increase in tool and spindle operating life
  • In accordance with the terms and conditions of the spindle manufacturer's warranty specifications

Range of application

Increasing demands on the performance of machine tools - greater speed. higher accuracy, better quality - have led to extraordinary advancements in machining technology, where capabilites once only imagined have now become industry standarts. But, while today's highspeed machines offer impressive advantages, accuracy requirements can only be met, if tool. toolholder and spindle are precision balanced. As operating speeds increase, forces resulting from unbalance cause nonsymmetrical rotation. The results are harmful vibration, increased chatter, poor surface finish and excessive wear on the tool and spindle bearings.

As we continue to expand today's production capabilities and go beyond  the quality standarts that our costumers expect, precision balancing becomes even more essential.

Tooldyne SC is specifically designed to provide precision results in the shortest amount of time for a wide range of tools and toolholders.


Compact, hard-bearing vertical balancing machine with integral operating and display unit. For higher convenience a PC can be used. Easy to use operator interface, menu driven operation with display on a monitor.

A pneumatically actuated clamping mechanism automatically draws the tool into the spindle to accurately simulate operating conditions and provide the repeatable fit necessary for precision balancing.
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left: Clamping system for taperright: Clamping system for hollow taper shank

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