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TBcomfort and TBsonio – basis for a high quality repair

The TBcomfort is the basis for a high quality repair that will stand up to even the most stringent quality standards. The machine firstly eliminates the initial unbalance of the components and of the rotor assembly, and thus creates the basis for … [추가사항]

Tooldyne – the tool balancing system made by experts

Reduced unbalance increases machining quality Today, high-speed machining is the established procedure for the economic machining of metals and plastics. The unbalance of spindles and in particular of tools sets severe limits on high-speed … [추가사항]

Pasio 5 - 최대 5Kg의 로터를 위한 새로운 소형 발란싱 장비

새로운 PASIO5는 – 작업장 또는 연구소에서, 수리장소나 또는 소량의 연속생산 시설에서- 50g~5Kg에 이르는 소형의 로터 발란싱을 위한 다재다능한 장비입니다. 공간절약, 정밀도, … [추가사항]

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