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Modernisation package for horizontal and vertical universal balancing machines

Modernisation package CAB 700

For horizontal and vertical universal balancing machines

  • Understandable dialogues, clear user guidance – menu-controlled via numeric keyboard and cursor keys
  • Low number of screens for the balancing process
  • Function keys for direct entry on the measuring device
  • Colour, graphics-capable LCD display
  • Suitable for all common correction procedures: drilling, milling, fitting of weights

Range of application

Performance capability is not a question of size. The microprocessor measuring device CAB 700 has been designed for universal tasks. It combines in compact form the requirements which really matter when it comes to universal balancing machines: ease of operation, accurate and quicker unbalance measurement and high-performance correction software.


  • Measuring of the dynamic unbalance in 2 planes, of the static unbalance and of the unbalance moment
  • Automatic comparison of tolerance
  • Display in polar coordinates
  • Display in evenly or unevenly distributed components
  • Averaging of measured values versus time, rotor-type related
  • Balancing protocol (series or single)
  • Single compensation, key compensation, index balancing
  • Drive control for automatic measuring procedure
  • Calculation of tolerance according to DIN/ISO 1940
  • Automatic self-test
  • Data storage of up to 100 different rotor types
  • Powerful, fully digital unbalance signal processing

Speed range

120 to 5.000 rpm

Delivery contents (Extract)

  • Measuring unit CAB 700 mounted into a housing for mounting on existing control cabinets
  • Measuring modul MCP 700 for connection of vibration pickups and reference sensor
  • Power supply module
  • Cable set for actual Schenck „plug system 3“
  • Adapter cable from actual Schenck „plug system 3“ to „plug system 1“
  • Technical documentation on CD-ROM with operator manual of the measuring unit CAB 700 and electrical connection plan, adapted to the existing machine (as far as possible)

For machines with belt drive

  • Optical reference sensor SR 19 for scanning reflective angle reference marks
  • Cable set for reference sensor
  • 3 m signal cable & 4 m control cable for connection to the existing drive controls

Further hardware and software delivery options and prices available on request.


from EUR 6,500 up
Informations complémentaires

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Peter Salzgeber

+49 6151 32 2552
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