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110 SBFR, 130 SBFR

Inflation Machine

  • Inflation bell without sealing ring and other wearing parts
  • Extended working radius (up to 6 wheels) with telescope design
  • Applicable with any rim configuration, also light alloy rims with edgeless, spoke design
  • No loads acting on the rims
  • Automatic sequence and mixed operation
  • Linking with production lines

Range of application

Inflation of tubeless passenger vehicle tires in normal, low profile and super low profile design. Suitable for tires mounted onto steel or light alloy rims of various dimensions.

Application of the machine in series production.

Simple integration into existing or new lines, with a preceding tiremounting machine, and succeeding tire-bead stabilization machine and wheel balancing machine.


Single-station machine with fully automatic sequence, loading and unloading of the machine by a fully automatic conveyor system.

Double belt conveyor on welded stand with lifting function, inflation table with flat seals, centering device, inflation bell and hydro-pneumatic lowering and locking equipment installed.

Sequence of operations

  • Automatic transfer of the assembled wheel from the feeder belt into the inflation station by the double-belt conveyor
  • Automatic sequence: Lower the transporter and lay the wheel onto the inflation table
  • Center the rim and tire, lift the wheel and set onto the table.
  • Lower the inflation bell onto the tire and inflate to the required pressure
  • Lift the inflation bell
  • Automatic transfer of the inflated wheel in the direction of the balancing machine
Further information
Arrangement plan
1 Wheel feed2 Filling station3 Wheel outlet4 Protective grill5 Switch cabinet Plan view (non-binding example: dimensions of the switch cabinet depend on the relevant application)

Mr. Chai Yoon Chong
Mr. Cheng Y.S.

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