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Schenck RoTec in Malaysia

HM 1 - HM 10

Horizontal Balancing Machines

  • Modular structure
  • Quick change-over from workpiece to the next
  • High balancing accuracy
  • Infinitely variable DC drive
  • Optimum operating height
  • Installation without bolting
  • Protective device C 60 to ISO7475
  • CAB 700 measuring instrument with clear digital display (CAB 920 with vector display available as option)

Range of application

Universal balancing machines type HM1 and HM10 are ideally suited to small work-pieces such as electric armatures, turbochargers and spindles. The machines are conceived for seated or standing operators and can be used at varying locations.

Change-over to new rotor types is straightforward and only requires a minimum of time. Three different drive systems are available: Overslung, underslung or tangential belt drive.
Unbalance correction can be achieved by addition of material (weights or balancing plasticine) directly on the machine or by removal of material on a separate machine tool.

Manual machining units are available as options.


  • Hard-bearing, horizontal balancing machine of table-top design.
  • Permanently calibrated measuring instrument, digital signal processing.
  • CAB 700 measuring instrument with graphics-capable color LCD display.
  • Optional: CAB 920 with Windows operating system, TFT color screen and display of unbalance in vector form.
  • Complete workplace essentially of the following components: Machine table, mechanical balancing unit with roller or prism bearings and belt drive.

Special features

  • The machine can be mounted directly on the workshop floor without foundations and without bolting,  and is immediately ready for use.
  • Hard-bearing principle ensures quick change-over
  • High balancing accuracy
  • Optimum operating height
  • Infinitely variable DC drive
  • Automatic measuring cycle with settable acceleration, measuring and braking time.
  • Can be extended with integral mass correction system.
Further information
Arrangement plan
1 Measuring station2 Measuring device Plan view (non-binding example)

Mr. Chai Yoon Chong
Mr. Cheng Y.S.

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