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Balancing and Diagnostic System for Rear-Axle Modules

  • Balancing of the drive train
  • Testing the rear axle drive in the installed condition (NVH = Noise vibration harshness,VAD = Vibro-acoustic diagnosis)
  • Function test
  • Automatic test sequence

Range of application

Quality testing of drive modules (front-mounted rear-axle with drive shafts) of passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

Suitable for measurement and correction of the unbalance, improvement of the NVH characteristics through vibro-acoustic evaluation of the assembly structure as well as diagnosis of the noise properties of components (differential, drive shaft, bearing).

Application in production, integrated into the assembly line.


Single-station machine with fully automatic test sequence, loading and unloading by a pallet system.

Consisting essentially of vibration isolated machine frame for testing as if installed, measurement and control cabinet with test-stand PC and drive, positioning device for adaptation to the work-piece type on hand, protective enclosure.

Sequence of operations

  • Transport the rear-axle module on pallet by roller conveyor and close the protective equipment (loading door)
  • Lift the pallet, clamp, couple the drive and synchronizer, attach the sensors for unbalance measurement, lower the pallet, close the safety devices.
  • Fully automatic test sequence: Check the length of the drive shaft (with type mix), run up and regulate the load, measure the required torque and differential ratio, measure the initial unbalance, structure-borne sound and the possible test weight and correction positions, brake, index, add the test weight, and carry out a further measuring run, brake, index, remove the test weight, calculate the co- efficient and initial unbalance. Compare with tolerances (for coefficient and unbalance).
  • When out of tolerance: Index for unbalance correction, open the operating doors, manually add the unbalance correction according to the display, close the doors and perform a check run.
  • When in tolerance: Mark, travel to home position, open loading doors, move the pallet out.

Special features

  • Modular construction as a single station with free positioning of test part (installation position)
  • Powerful industrial PC for control of the test sequence and measured value processing
  • Software module for VAD procedure and measurement of static unbalance; large rotor type data memory, operator prompting, diagnostic program, statistics, process control, external interfaces
  • Single or multiple-channel noise checking with integrated unbalance recognition
  • Flexible application, easy change over for various rearaxle modules
  • Special system adaptation to the requirements of objective noise testing, such as structural isolation of the test equipment as well as high-repeatability, test part coordinated sensor coupling of the test part support.
  • Automatic coupling of the part at the shaft ends
  • Automatic recognition of the possible correction position
  • With manual correction automatic indexing to the correction position and display of the correction weights 
  • Protection against shaft breakage.
Further information
Arrangement plan
1 Machine bed2 Drive 3 Slide 4 Adapter 5 Torque measurement shaft 6 Retaining device 7 Clamping device central bearing 8 Clamping device (4x) 9 Lifting unit 10 Palette 11 Synchronisation with brake Plan view (non-binding example)

Mr. Chai Yoon Chong
Mr. Cheng Y.S.

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