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Vertical balancing machine VIRIO10 – VIRIO300

  • Modular construction
  • Short rebuilding times
  • Hugh accuracy
  • Weight range 10 – 300 kg
  • Continuously variable drive unit
  • Ergonomically handling
  • Variable possible applications
  • Protection device C 600 according ISO 7475
  • Mesuring unitt CAB 700 with clearly arranged digital display (optional CAB 920 with vector display and touchscreen)

Scope of application

Vertical balancing machines of the type VIRIO10 – VIRIO300 for 1 or 2 planes, are well dedicated for all workpieces without own shafts, like pressure plates, brake discs, brake drums, flanges, housings, clutch parts, blowers, knives, impellers, pullies, saws, grinding discs, flywheels, dampers, turbo charger a.s.o. They are applied in the make-to-order-production and for small series productions. The machines are rated for an upright operation and usable on variously stations.

The rebuilding to different rotor types is practicable within shortest time by changing the adapters. Available are 4 different drive units: 1,5 kW, 2,2 kW, 4,0 kW, or a servo drive for automatic indexing. For the indication of unbalance we provided the polar display, regular or irregular components with integration of forbidden zones. We also provided a milling software for the external correction. The correction data can be sent to the external milling machine via ASCII – interface (CAB 700), or directly (CAB 920). 
The correction of unbalance can be done directly on the machine by adding weight or by reducing weight, using an integrated drilling unit. The indication of the mass of unbalance to be reduced will be announced by the numbers, angle and depth of holes to be drilled . During the correction a stylized drill shows the proceed.
Optional deliverable are correction units for welding, riveting and grinding.


  • Hardbearing, vertical balancing machine in molded mineral design.
  • Measuring unit with permanent calibration and digital signal processing.
  • Measuring unit CAB 700 with coloured, graphics capable LCD-Display. Cache memory for 99 rotor data and extensive basic configuration for the  different correction methods.
  • Optional: CAB 920 with Windows operating system, TFT colour display with touchscreen function and vector view of the unbalance. Designed as network compatible embedded PC with memory card and permanent storage of the measured unbalance values. Simplest  menu navigation in „Easy Mode“.
  • The workplace exists essentially of the following components: control cabinet with measuring unit and machine with protection and operating elements


  • The machine is usable without foudation, but with screw connection
  • Short rebuilding times, cause of the hardbearing principle
  • High balancing accuracy
  • Ergonomic design
  • Continuously variable drive units
  • selectable automatic operating sequence with adjustable acceleration and braking times.
  • Extendable with integrated drilling unit
Further information
Arrangement plan
1 Engine - 2 Control cabinet 

Mr. Chai Yoon Chong
Mr. Cheng Y.S.


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