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Series VM

Vertical Balancing Machines

  • Simple operation and minimum floor space requirement
  • Balancing in one or two planes possible
  • No time-consuming calibration runs through permanent calibration
  • Manual basic machine, easily upgraded to a semi or fully automatic machine
  • Integrated, rotor-adapted protective shroud

Range of application

Measurement and correction of unbalance in disc-shaped rotors without their own shaft, in one or two planes. A shorter spindle distance and protective shroud provide faster, safer and more accurate balancing. Flexible correction units and a variety of accessories cater to many applications manual, semi or fully automatic.


Force-measuring, vertical balancing machine with permanent calibration and manual, semi or fully automatic operation.
Machine housing of mineral-casting, balancing unit designed as a dynamometer system with highly sensitive electro-dynamic vibration sensors, precision balancing spindle and drive motor. Control cabinet with operating controls and microprocessor-controlled measuring unit. Protective shroud according to ISO 7475.


Various correction units permit integration of mass correction in the balancing machine - at almost any correction position. Thus axial or radial correction can be controlled manually, semi or fully automatically. Various methods of material removal as well as attachment of correction weights are possible. This enables the machine to be used universally for a large variety of rotors.
Further information
Arrangement plan
1  Balancing machine2  Switch cabinet Plan view (non-binding example)

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