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Series HT

Horizontal Balancing Machines

  • High balancing accuracy
  • Optimum working height for the operator
  • Hard-bearing principle ensures fast change-over from one work-piece to the next
  • Infinitely variable DC drive
  • Fast, straightforward commissioning through single-unit design
  • Measuring unit CAB 700 with clear digital display. Optionally CAB 803 unit with vector display (see photograph)

Range of application

Universal balancing machines series HT are ideally suited to extremely small work-pieces such as miniature armatures, miniature fans and complete assemblies. They are conceived for use in research and development, in batch production or in repair shops.

Change-over to new rotor types is straightforward and only requires a minimum of time.

Unbalance correction is made manually by addition of material (e.g. balancing plasticine) directly on the machine or by removal of material on optional manually operated or semi-automated machining units.


  • Hard-bearing, horizontal balancing machine with permanent calibration for standing or seated operator.
  • The complete workplace consists of the following major components: machine table, mechanical balancing unit comprising roller bearings or V-blocks, belt drive, measuring instrument and control system.
  • The machine can be installed without foundations and without bolts and is immediately ready for operation.

Special features

  • Space-saving single-unit design with integral measuring station and measuring unit.
  • Easy to operate through permanent calibration – requires no calibration runs.
  • Correction in two planes or separate according to static and couple unbalance is possible.
  • Rotors can be mounted on their original shafts or on mounting arbors, complete assemblies can be installed in their housing.
  • Automatic measuring cycle with infinitely variable settings for acceleration, measuring and braking time.
Further information
Arrangement plan
1 Measuring station2 Measuring device left: Plan view (non-binding example)right: Plan view, 2-station machine (non-binding example)

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