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Series HE

Schenck Horizontal Balancing Machines

Cost-optimized starter solution

High balancing accuracy

Easy to upgrade through modular design and a wide range of accessories

Hard-bearing design ensures quick change-over from one rotor to the next

CAB 706 measuring unit for universal tasks (Option)
Range of application
Universal balancing machines series HE are designed for accurate balancing of a wide range of rotors. The HE series offers a simple drive and operating concept. They are suitable for balancing cylindrical rotors with integral shaft journals and for balancing disc-shaped rotors on balancing arbors.
Typical rotors are electrical armatures and rollers, spindles, fans, pump impellers, drive assembly components, and gear wheels. Permanent calibration, ergonomic design and a logical operating sequence facilitate operation. Their modular design principle and a wide range of accessories make the machine highly flexible. Schenck universal balancing machines series HE are a highly efficient investment both for one-off rotors and for small batches.

Sequence of operation
  • Manual loading of the rotor on the bearing pedestals, closing of counter bearings, coupling of the drive system.
  • Starting by the actuation switch on the switch cabinet, upon which the rotor is then accelerated to the balancing speed, with display of the unbalance on the measuring unit, with large numbers for unbalance size and angle.
  • Braking by means of the actuation switch on the switch cabinet. The measured unbalance values are retained after the measuring run is completed.
  • Opening of the protection device, manual unbalance correction (if necessary).
  • Verification of residual unbalance (the measuring unit indicates whether the required tolerance has been reached), and unloading of the rotor from the machine.
Special features
  • High ease of operation: Hard-bearing design eliminates the need for calibration runs.
  • Machine provides for unbalance correction in two planes or separate correction of static and couple unbalance.
  • Rotors can be mounted on their original shaft. Balancing with mounted anti-friction bearings available as option.
  • Indexing angle display in case of belt drive.
  • Contact and strong bearing pedestals guarantee overall rigidity, linearity and very low damping. Use of the Schenck hard-bearing principle, in which the centre section of the bearing pedestal is designed as a dynamometer. The measurement value pick-ups are located outside the force flow, and are thus insensitive to impacts.
Drive systems 
The underslung belt drive (BU) enables universal use for rotors with a smooth surface. The overslung belt drive (BK) is particularly suitable for small rotors and large batches.
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