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HS 10 - 40, HS 10 Twin

Balancing Machines for Small Rotors and Complete Assemblies

  • Balancing of ready-for-use assemblies without dismantling
  • Hard-bearing principle provides for high balancing accuracy and quick change-over from one work-piece type to the next
  • Easy and simple operation
  • Extensive range of safety equipment for protection classes B und C
  • Modular structure caters for a variety of different applications

Range of application

Measurement of the unbalance of complete assemblies such as fan motors in medium to large batches.

Designed for standing or seated operator and for use in varying locations.

Change-over to a different rotor type can be achieved easily within a minimum of time.

Manual unbalance correction by addition of material (e.g. balancing plasticine or metal clips) directly on the machine or by removal of material on optional manually operated or semi automatic machine tools.


Hard-bearing horizontal balancing machine of table-top design with one or two measuring stations. Designed for standing or seated operator with partly automated sequence of operations.

Microprocessor-based measuring instrumentation with permanent calibration.

The two bearing pedestals are connected by means of a plate or a frame, accommodating an adapter/clamping device to support the assemblies.

The assemblies are driven by their own drive system through an integral power supply. Alternatively external drive by means of compressed air or belt drive can be used.

Many assemblies, particularly fans for use in vehicles or domestic appliances, gyroscope rotors or hard disc drives have to be balanced in the fully assembled condition.

Even if all individual parts are balanced carefully, assembly of the complete unit will create new unbalances, resulting from manufacturing errors, such as eccentricity, fit tolerances or concentricity errors.
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Arrangement plan
1 Balancing machine2 Measuring device left: HS 10 Twin plan view (non-binding example) right: HS 20 plan view (non-binding example)

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