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Schenck in Vietnam

Safe and reliable thanks to our service team

A balancing machine or diagnostics system is an intelligent combination of perfect mechanics, precise metrology and functional software. Therefore, you have to know all about its internal workings to quickly, professionally and cost-effectively service it. Our service experts know all the finer points of Schenck's balancing and diagnostics technology inside out. For our employees, experience and routine, knowledge and regular professional development training in the head office are taken for granted. This is the only way to be certain to keep pace with rapid progress, especially in modern technologies.

More than 200 service employees are available worldwide to provide you with professional support. A professional team is also available near you in Vietnam, to reach you quickly when you have a problem that urgently needs solving.

Our service at a glance

  • Fast, professional servicing.
  • Perfect repairs.
  • Cost-effective services.
  • Direct troubleshooting.
  • Spare parts supplies for many years.
  • Advice and support on all balancing issues.
  • Trained employees, fully equipped with the latest knowledge.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Peter Salzgeber

+49 (0) 6151 322552

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