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400 FBTU

Balancing Machine for Wound Armatures


  • Manual loading and unloading
  • Automatic operating sequence
  • NC-axes for all sequence movements
  • Prepared for integration with handling system
  • Modular design
  • Powerful industry-PC-based measuring unit

Range of application

Measurement and correction of unbalance in wound armatures of various sizes and other similar rotors (external rotors).

Use of the machine in series production for medium and large volumes. Unbalance correction by milling into the stack (profile/slot milling) in one or two planes.

Sequence of operation

  • Start the automatic sequence (run-up, measure, brake and index). The measured values are stored in the measuring unit and processed. The rotor is stopped and manually positioned in the correction station.
  • Start the automatic correction process: Clamp the rotor and mill in the 1st position. Unclamp, if necessary index to the 2nd correction component, clamp, mill, unclamp.
  • For correction into two places, the milling slide is repositioned and the rotor is indexed to the required position. The slot-milling process is then repeated for the second plane.
  • After the correction process the rotor is once more loaded in the measuring station for checking the residual unbalance.


Multi-station machine with automatic function sequence, manual loading.

The work-pieces can be delivered to the machine by conveyor belt, on pallets or in cases.

Modular, machine constructed for future extensions, prepared for integration with a work-piece handling system.

Powerful measuring unit with graphic-capability color monitor, digital signal processor, software modules for calculation of standard and complex correction procedures, large rotor data memory, operator prompting, extensive automated setup procedures, diagnostic programs, statistics software, external interface.
Further information
Arrangement plan
1 Measuring station2 Correction station3 Feed (example)4 Outlet (example)5 Place of deposit, out of tolerance (example)6 Switch cabinet7 Swarf extractor (option) Plan view (non-binding example)

Mr. Koos Snyman

+27 87 426 0100

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