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Balancing Machine for Turbocharger Impellers

  • Patented air bearing rotor support for extreme measurement accuracy
  • Short run-up and braking times through air-drive
  • Measuring equipment with digital measurement and direct unbalance or correction display
  • Easy change over to other rotor types

Range of application

Determining the unbalance in machined turbocharger rotors. Use of the machine in the production of small- and mid-volumes, for quality control and research and development.
Unbalance measurement in two planes, programmable conversion of the unbalance to the most suitable correction planes. Unbalance correction by an optional correction unit in multiple correction steps. Loading and unloading manually or by hand-operated device.


Machine with vertical axis, between one and three balancing units and an automatic operating cycle.
Vibration-optimized machine frame of aluminium profile.
Type-dependent, exchangeable precision air bearings. Drive with automatic speed control and special drive-plate with air jet adapted to the rotor diameter.
Automatically operating pneumatic lifting device to facilitate loading.
Measured data processed by measuring unit CAB 750.
Further information
Arrangement plan
1   Measuring station 2   Switch cabinet and measuring device Plan view (non-binding example of 050 MBBS)

Mr. Koos Snyman

+27 87 426 0100

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